Often prospective clients make the mistake of attending to the design and finalising the plans without having the correct information regarding the costs.
This almost always results with the owners having a perfect plan of something that they regret to discover is too costly to build.
It is unrealistic to work on price per square meter, since each property boasts of different circumstances and finishing touches, this applies even more so to alterations and extensions.
The only way to overcome this situation, is by disclosing your budget up front, we will be able to inform you of hidden costs and unexpected expenses which
also need to be provided for. It is always better to leave a portion of your finances one side for this purpose.

Design and Sketches

Most people have an idea of what they want, however only some of those ideas might apply, depending on the style or type of home.
E.g. It would be unlikely and most probably not cost effective to position a north facing, north entry plan on a south entry property.
The slope of the land also plays a part in the style one may choose. Factors like where to place the pool regarding afternoon sun, where is North?,
or the solar geyser panel, or the gas bottles, or the built in braai, or the fireplace in relation to the TV. etc.
Building lines, servitudes and positioning of the sewer and electrical connection points are important factors when planning.
Some times it becomes necessary to plan the build in stages which requires some careful consideration.
We can assist you in every area and prepare your initial plan layout incorporation your ideas and even offer some of our own.
We can usually give a cost estimation on the sketch plan after discussing the required PC items and specifications that are required.
Our design team have years of experience. They are able to individualize your plan since innovative and creative ideas come naturally.

Working Drawings

After presentation of the sketch plan and once consensus is reached, our in house draughtsman will attend to the plans.
The first draft will be of the floor plan which will be presented for your approval. The second plan will include elevations and sections.
At this stage, the details are added or corrected after which the final plans are prepared for municipal approval.

Appointment of Engineer

Depending on your requirements, it may be necessary to employ an engineer, especially in the event of bad existing soil conditions where reinforced foundations or where a slab with staircase to double storey are required.

Build Agreement

Although an estimate may have been given, once the final plans are available it becomes possible to complete an accurate assessment on specific quantities.
PC items (Personal Choice) and allowances are provided where finality has not been reached.

Municipal Submission and Approval

We will initially obtain all the details relating to your stand and likewise we will attend to the submission of the plans to council and follow up until plan approval is obtained

Length of Project

There are many factors that need to be considered before the completion date is obtained. The following are a few examples:
From what date will the finances be available? Availability of material? Are we approaching the rainy season? When will the plans be approved?
Will the clients choose their PC items in time?


As can be imagined from the above, it would be advisable to obtain as much assistance before planning a build